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+ Mandatory Reading, Lawyers and Life in the Northern Territory

+ Mandatory Reading, Lawyers and Life in the Northern Territory
2018 | Peter and Sheila Forrest | Law Society NT
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“This tour de force lays bare the ambitions, achievements and failures of the men and women whose shadows were cast across the world of solicitors, barristers and judges over the last century. Eminently readable by anyone curious about the struggles of humanity to overcome wars, cyclones and rapid social change, the authors weave into the Territory’s political, social, legal and economic history, the contribution these men and women made towards turning a lethargic and depressed community into a modern state.” - The Honourable Dean Mildren AM RFD QC

+ Protocols for Lawyers Representing Children

+ Protocols for Lawyers Representing Children
2017 | Law Society NT
Download Protocols for Lawyers Representing Children

Developed after extensive consultation, these Protocols were approved by the Law Society Northern Territory (the Society) 7 April 2017. The Protocols are designed to assist legal representatives and others working in the care and protection jurisdiction by outlining the practical, legal and ethical obligations of legal representatives acting for children in the Northern Territory Local Court.

Representing a child in care and protection proceedings is markedly different from representing an adult in adversarial, civil or criminal proceedings. Legal representatives face practical and ethical difficulties when acting for children which they are unlikely to face when acting for adult clients.

+ The Little Red Book of Advocacy, Second Edition

+ The Little Red Book of Advocacy, Second Edition
2016 | Trevor Riley | Law Society NT
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"Upon my appointment to the Supreme Court of the Northern Territory, the president of the Law Society, Steve Southwood QC (now Southwood J), took advantage of the warm inner glow I was then feeling and asked me to write some articles on advocacy for the Law Society magazine, Balance. I have a keen interest in advocacy and was pleased to agree. I commenced with the first article in February 1999 and have been writing them ever since. The idea to publish the articles in booklet form came from the former president of the Law Society, Ian Morris. I thank him and the Law Society for the opportunity. Mr Morris accepted responsibility for the title. The articles reflect a confluence of many streams of information. They are informed by my own experience as an advocate, much reading and by my participation in workshops conducted by the Australian Advocacy Institute and by the Northern Territory Bar Association for the Young Lawyers Association." - The Hon Trevor Riley AM QC

+ Lectures on Northern Territory Public Law

+ Lectures on Northern Territory Public Law
2016 | Graham Nicholson | Law Society NT
Download Lectures on Northern Territory Public Law

"The constitutional history of the Northern Territory is unique, rich and complex. The development of the Northern Territory’s constitutional status over the decades was extremely important and is ongoing, with the constitutional structures of the Northern Territory enjoying scrutiny by the High Court of Australia from time to time.

As the Territory’s first Crown Solicitor and later as Crown Counsel, Graham Nicholson was an instrumental and central figure in the Territory’s self-governing structure, right from the heady pre-self-government days of 1974 and well beyond. As the Foreword by the Solicitor-General notes, Mr Nicholson’s legacy from those years has endured.

In this series of lectures, Mr Nicholson has presented issues of great complexity in a way that has engaged with a wide array of audiences at all levels and has attracted popular appeal.

The preservation of the lectures in this publication, in this way, is a fitting recognition of their ongoing utility and relevance as a resource tool. It is also a fitting recognition of the vast contribution Mr Nicholson has made to the Northern Territory." - Tass Liveris, President, Law Society NT

+ Indigenous Protocols for Lawyers, Second Edition

+ Indigenous Protocols for Lawyers, Second Edition
2015 | Law Society NT
Download Indigenous Protocols for Lawyers, Second Edition

Many lawyers in the NT act for and provide advice to Aboriginal people. For many lawyers, especially those who do not identify themselves as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, those who do not have Indigenous heritage and those who are new to the Territory, communicating with Indigenous clients poses some special challenges.

The first edition of Indigenous protocols for lawyers was introduced more than 10 years ago and it continues to be a relevant and important publication and a key aid in legal practice. With the Society’s consent, the Law Society of South Australia recently adapted the first edition to provide guidance for lawyers practicing in South Australia.

The second edition provides a set of six protocols, some related discussion and tips for a legal practice that is culturally attuned to the special requirements of communicating with and representing Indigenous people. It is intended to be a guide for lawyers providing services to Indigenous people in the Northern Territory whose first language is an Australian Indigenous language. However, these protocols will be of assistance to lawyers across the country.

+ Celebrating Diversity Strategy

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