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Trust account information sheets

The information in the table below is under continual review.

If you are unable to locate an information sheet for your area of interest, please contact the Manager Regulatory Services via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Information Sheet s253

Intermixing money - Disbursements

Treatment of legal aid payments, treatment of entrusted funds, disbursements and entrusted funds.

Information Sheet s278

Establishing a trust account

A list of banks approved by the Society, the required naming convention of each type of trust account and when the practice is to provide notification to the Society.

Information Sheet r36-54

Examined and compliant trust account software

Assists the practice to identify 'examined and compliant' software; provides definitions of computerised and manual systems. Version 2 updated April 2011.

Information Sheet s263


The regulatory function of the Society in relation to trust accounts; the investigation reporting process; expected professional conduct during the investigation; entitlements afforded to the Investigator, and the recording of breaches.

Trust account workbook

Trust account workbook

External Examiners

This comprehensive workbook interprets the LPA Legislation and Regulations into an everyday practical guide for both the practitioner and key accounting staff.

This document was developed during transition to the current Regulations and Act and is due for revision in 2011. Please refer to individual information sheets for more updated information or contact the Trust Account Supervisor for advice. This document may take some time to download.

External Examiners Information Sheet External Examiners

External Examiners Information Sheet once in each financial year law practices must have their financial records examined by an external examiner.

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