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Dismissal of Charges by Reason of Mental Impairment
Monday 12 November 2018, 01:00pm - 02:00pm

Caring for mentally ill offenders and ensuring the wellbeing of judges

Venue:  Law Society Northern Territory, Level 3, 9 Cavenagh Street, Darwin
Cost: $99.00 incl GST
Level:  Suitable for all levels of legal practice

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The first part of this event outlines the operation and processes of the Mental Health Diversion List at Nichols Place. It deals with the criteria for referring matters to the list and the manner in which matters are dealt, once placed on the list. An important objective of the list is to facilitate the treatment of offenders considered to be in need of care and treatment. This CPD describes the processes for dealing with applications for Dismissal of Charges pursuant to Section 77 of the Mental Health and Related Services Act by reason of mental impairment, bail applications for mentally ill offenders and the sentencing of mentally ill offenders.

The second part of the CPD discusses the importance of judicial wellbeing as a core characteristic of a well functioning court and the need for courts to develop a judicial wellbeing strategic plan to promote and sustain the wellbeing of its members.


Presented by: Chief Judge John Lowndes

John Lowndes was appointed a magistrate of the Northern Territory of Australia in 1990. In April 2013 he was appointed Deputy Chief Magistrate of the Northern Territory, and four months later appointed Chief Magistrate. He is now the Chief Judge of the Local Court as a result of the title of Northern Territory ‘Magistrates’ being changed to ‘Judge’ in May 2016.

John Lowndes holds a number of tertiary qualifications: a combined Arts/Law Degree, a Diploma in Jurisprudence, a Diploma in Criminology and a Masters of Law (Hons Class 1) from the University of Sydney. He also has a Doctor of Philosophy from Charles Darwin University. He was recently admitted as a Fellow of the Australia Academy of Law (FAAL), which is a broadly based body committed to the advancement of the discipline of law and to justice according to law in Australia.

John Lowndes is a former President of the Association of Australian Magistrates (AAM) and the Commonwealth Magistrates and Judges Association (CMJA), an international judicial association comprising members from over 53 countries around the Commonwealth of Nations. He is a member of the Governing Council of the Judicial Conference of Australia (JCA). All three organisation have, as their primary aim, the maintenance of a strong and independent judiciary within a free and democratic society that adheres to the rule of law.

Earn 1 CPD point in Professional Skills in Legal Practice (CC) or Substantive Law (SL) 

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