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Warning: Admission as 'local lawyer' of the Supreme Court of the Northern Territory does not entitle you to practice law in this jurisdiction. If you intend to practice you must hold a current practising certificate.

The Society does not determine applications for admission, or applications under the Mutual Recognition Act.

For all admission enquiries:
Supreme Court of the Northern Territory
(08) 8999 6574

This is also the number for the Secretary of the Legal Practitioners Admission Board.

Local admission after completing academic & practical qualifications

The Society is entitled to make submissions to the Legal Practitioners Admission Board or the Court on any application for admission. The guidelines explain how to file your documents and then serve copies on the Society.

Admission under Mutual Recognition Act or Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Act

Under the Legal Profession Act you are not required to be admitted in more than one Australian jurisdiction but some practitioners choose to seek admission in each jurisdiction where they engage in practice.

New Zealand qualified and admitted lawyers are required to gain admission in an Australian jurisdiction before being entitled to seek a local practising certificate, and may apply for admission under the Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Act.

Lawyers qualified overseas

For information on any additional academic requirements and admission based on overseas qualifications and/or admission gained anywhere other than New Zealand please refer to the documents published by the Law Admissions Consultative Committee.

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