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Maria Savvas

Legal Practitioner Director, MSP Legal

Maria has been a member of the Council since 2011 and an executive member since 2016, holding the position of Treasurer. In November 2017, Maria was elected President of the Society.

Maria appreciates the Council’s complex dual-role of regulator and member service organisation. Her approach is to be a voice for member practitioners and hopes to contribute positively to sensible decision-making on issues affecting the legal profession across the Territory.

As the Society's President Maria is a member of various committees and external stakeholder groups and is a Director of the Law Council of Australia.

Maria has lived, been educated and worked in the Territory throughout her professional life. Maria was admitted to the Supreme Court of the Northern Territory in 2000 and has worked in private practice since that time. In 2009, together with her business partners, Maria established MSP Legal where she practices in civil and litigation matters.

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