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    Law Society NT developments - important update to the legal profession


    For a number of years now, the Law Society Northern Territory (like many other organisations) has been subject to the pressure of continuing to undertake its operations in a tightening fiscal environment. These issues, which have been reported in its Annual Reports over recent years, have resulted in a gradual but steady reduction in resources available to the Society to undertake its work including both its regulatory functions and providing member services.

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    Commencement of the new Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia

    Update to the profession (No. 4)

    On 1 September 2021, the Family Court of Australia (FCoA) and Federal Circuit Court of Australia (FCC) will be amalgamated to create the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia (FCFCOA). Division 1 of the FCFCOA will deal only with family law matters, while Division 2 will deal with both family law and general federal law matters.

    The Courts have released a series of updates for the legal profession and the public to advise them of changes to court operations. This fourth update provides additional information that primarily relates to the family law jurisdiction of the FCFCOA, specifically in regard to the new harmonised Rules, the Courts’ Central Practice Direction, and the new case management pathway in family law proceedings.

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