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Indigenous Protocols for Lawyers Second Edition

indigenous protocols for lawyers second editionMany lawyers in the Northern Territory act for and provide advice to Aboriginal people. For many lawyers, especially those who do not identify themselves as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, those who do not have Indigenousheritage and those who are new to the Territory, communicating with Indigenous clients poses some special challenges.

The first edition of Indigenous protocols for lawyers was introduced more than 10 years ago and it continues to be a relevant and important publication and a key aid in legal practice. With the Society’s consent, the Law Society of South Australia recently adapted the first edition to provide guidance for lawyers practicing in South Australia.

The second edition provides a set of six protocols, some related discussion and tips for a legal practice that is culturally attuned to the special requirements of communicating with and representing Indigenous people. It is intended to be a guide for lawyers providing services to Indigenous people in the Northern Territory whose first language is an Australian Indigenous language. However, these protocols will be of assistance to lawyers across the country.

Balance Journal

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The Balance magazine is the Society's flagship publication. Balance is distributed to Law Society members quarterly.

At present, the publication includes regular contributions from the Law Society President, Chief Executive Officer and Manager Regulatory Services, the Criminal Lawyers Association (CLANT), Northern Territory Young Lawyers (NTYL), Northern Territory Women Lawyers Association (NTWLA) and local barristers and solicitors.

Other features include book reviews, case notes and updates of Society event's.

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Edition 3/2017: 5 July 2017

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Edition 2/2018: 4 April 2018

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Advertising in Balance

Advertising in Balance is the best way to promote your business and get your advertising messages across to the Northern Territory's legal profession.

Balance is a widely read and established magazine and is available in many law libraries throughout Australia. Balance is distributed to approximately 750 members.

The readership of Balance consists of the Northern Territory legal fraternity including judges, magistrates, barristers and solicitors, associates, students, lecturers, government policy advisors; interstate subscribers (interstate barristers, law societies, mainly legal fraternity) and media outlets.

Editorial deadlines

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The Balance magazine is sent free as part of the Law Society membership package, however subscriptions are also available for non-members and corporations.

Subscriptions are renewed annually in December each year, at a cost of $143 (incl GST) for 12 months (4 editions). A schedule of pro rata costs is set out below. All prices include GST, and an invoice will be issued upon receipt of payment.

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Balance issues

Balance Magazine - current and past editions

To view current and past editions of the Balance magazine, please log-in to the members only section of this website. If your postal address for delivery of Balance has changed, you can also notify the Law Society through the members only section.

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The Practitioner is a fortnightly newsletter distributed to Society members via email. The Practitioner provides an update on Society news, submissions, calls for comments and details of upcoming CPDs, functions and events.

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Past editions

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